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Home-made DIY tooth powder recipe

Pei Zhai

My husband and I have used this home-made tooth powder for more than half a year. We found it a helpful, healthy and cheap way to protect teeth. This time, I made 6 jars (4 oz each) of powder. Both my husband and I use it two times a day. We use up one jar (4 oz) in about 2 months.

This time, I made 6 jars (4 oz each) of powder.

tooth powder homemade diy

Prep time: 30 min
Yield: 6 jars (4 oz each) use for 1 year

1.5 cup baking soda
3/4 cup fine Himalayan salt (food grade)
9 tbsp calcium carbonate powder (food grade)
1.5 tsp peppermint essential oil (food grade)
15 drops myrrh essential oil (food grade)
15 drops clove essential oil (food grade)
6 glass jars (4 oz)
1. Mix Himalayan salt and all essential oils together in a food blender (if the salt grains are not fine enough, blend them until they are fine)
2. Pour the mix in a large bowl
3. Add calcium carbonate powder
4. Add baking powder
5. Mix all of them together
6. Divide powder into jars


Where to buy the ingredients?

I bought Himalayan salt, carbon calcium powder, peppermint essential oil and glass jars on Amazon; myrrh essential oil and clove essential oil on Mountain Rose Herbs website.

The original recipe

The original recipe is from Chris of Joybilee Farm. She used home-made powder for more than 10 years and found this recipe is the best. However, I removed the Bentonite clay from her recipe because I have metal filings in my teeth. I also reduce the amounts of essential oils because the original amounts bring smell that is too strong for me.


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