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Eco-enzyme shampoo works for my hair

Pei Zhai

Eco-enzyme is a very popular DIY product in Asian countries, and so many people are making it at home (http://www.enzymesos.com/what-is-eco-enzyme). Basically, it mimics and accelerates the bio-chemical reactions in nature to produce useful enzymes using fruit or veggie garbage. The eco-enzyme has so many ways to help nature cycles: it could treat hardened soil, improve plant growth, and cleanse polluted water (http://www.enzymesos.com/what-is-eco-enzyme/how-to-use-eco-enzyme). It also could be added into household cleansing products to enhance function, such as shampoo, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, etc. I’ve also read articles about how people use eco-enzyme to heal skin disease and reported amazing results. (http://www.hbjsjdq.com/thread-197048-1-1.html).

I have used the DIY eco-enzyme shampoo for more than a year, here is my experience. Some people reported before their white hair turned to black, I haven’t experienced that yet. However, I’m sure it does a great job to treat oily hair and itchy scalp! I have suffered the problem for more than 20 years. When I became a teenager, I began to have the problem of oily hair and itchy scalp so I needed to wash my hair every other day. In recent years, I even need to wash every day or two times a day. I found my hair and scalp become very unhealthy. I’ve heard that there are many problematic ingredients in any popular brands of shampoo. So I started to try out many organic brands, both expensive and inexpensive. None of them works for me.  

Finally, I decided to make DIY eco-enzyme enriched shampoo to see how it works.

There are two steps, 1) make eco-enzyme liquid, then 2) use the liquid to make shampoo.

  • How to make eco-enzyme?

There are many ways to make eco-enzymes. Basically, I followed the most popular instruction invented by Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong (http://www.enzymesos.com/). For detailed instructions to make eco-enzyme, please refer to how to make eco enzyme.

The fruit waste I use is pomelo skin (柚子皮) because I love the smell and I’ve read that other people have used it and reported good results. The sugar I use is dark brown sugar. The ingredients are mixed as the ratios below. The mixed product is poured into a plastic bottle.

brown sugar : fruit waste : clean water = 1 : 3 : 10

From my own experience, it is very easy to make, just pour everything into the bottle and wait for at least 3 months. Two things I want to mention here are: 1) I use food blender to cut the waste (with water) into very small pieces to accelerate the reaction, then mix sugar in blender, and then pour into bottle; 2) instead of opening the cap every day in the first month to release gas as recommended, I open it every 4 or 5 days because there isn’t that much gas.

After more than 3 months, I separate the eco-enzyme into liquid and solid remains using gauze. The liquid could be used as key ingredient into any household cleaners. I added it into shampoo. The solid remains could be poured into toilet or kitchen sinks to prevent clogged drains.

eco enzyme

  • How to make eco-enzyme enriched shampoo?

Then I used the eco-enzyme liquid and castile soap to make shampoo. The ingredients are mixed as the ratios below. The mixed product is poured into a bottle with foam pump.

 eco-enzyme : castile soap : clean water = 1 : 2 : 3

eco enzyme garbage shampoo fruit skin organic

The castile soap is an olive oil based hard soap made in a style similar to that originating in the Castile region of Spain. I tried two brands sold on Amazon, both are good. However, when I used the castile soap alone (either concentrated or diluted 1:1 with water as recommended) as shampoo to wash my hair, it didn’t treat the itchy scalp. After I added eco-enzyme, the new shampoo works much better. After 2-3 weeks, I could tell obvious improvement. I used to have very oily hair and itchy scalp on the 2nd day after each hair wash (which I thought is normal but not for my age). Now I won’t have very oily hair and itchy scalp even on the 5th day.

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  • Karol on

    Thank you for this informative blog, I have been having scalp issues for years and have tried everything. It is very difficult to find shampoos without questionable ingredients. Even the ones that claim to be organic still have bad ingredients like betaines and pg. The few that don’t are ridiculously expensive. I eat certain enzymes for my digestion and never thought they could be used for hair. What a great idea. I have never heard of it before and I can’t wait to try it out!

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