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Welcome to TheSonWorks community

Pei Zhai

Welcome everyone to join our community!

I started this website because growing veggies indoor is so much fun. Join me to a journey of a tiny seed, and watch it sprouting vigorously, growing down seeking for water and reaching up seeking for light, stretching and twisting, even blooming and bearing fruits. It is such a unique way to celebrating the existence of a living creation and the glory of its creator.

In order to help the plant grow indoor, you need plenty of light. I designed a LED-lights-soft-panel which you can attach to any shelf in your room. It took me several months for improving the design, however, my brain is so limited, there must have many aspects to improve.

So I will call it TheSonWorks LED Lights Version 1.0 and only make a small amount of products. I sincerely invite you to our community and work on this fun project together. Please share with me and others your thoughts to improve the LED light, or a picture of your happy plant, or your recipes, or discuss any question you have.

I will collect your opinions and work on Version 2.0 in near future. Anyone who contributes to our community will get a big discount when you want a V2.0 LED lights.

The best way to join the community is through WeChat (the most popular social network APP, super easy to use). Simply install WeChat APP on your Android or Apply phones, then Add contact (simply scan the QR Code below). Other than that, you can email me at thesonworks@gmail.com

Happy gardening!

Pei Zhai


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