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How to install LED lights for indoor gardening?

Pei Zhai

TheSonWorks LED Lights User Instruction

LED light panel indoor gardening

Parts included:

  • LED lights soft panel,
  • Dimmer,
  • Adapter power supply,
  • cable organizers (one strip, one button)

How to install?

Step1: Test the lights (connect three parts: LED light soft panel, dimmer and adapter power supply, plug into electric outlet; then disconnect)

Step2: Peel off the protective film of the 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener 

Step3:  Attach the soft panel onto your shelf

Step4: Connect three parts

Step5: Organize cables creatively using the cable organizers

Step6: Plug in and turn on the dimmer

Step7: Adjust the dimmer to proper position (recommend to put it on 2/3  of the brightest, around 30 Watt)

Step8: If any of the light strips does not work well, replace it with the backup strip we provided

Maintenance: If you want to remove the soft panel to replace the light strips, you can un-attach the 3M Reclosable Fastener. Then replace the light strip as Step8.

Note: if you have any question, feel free to contact me

TheSonWorks LED Lights Features:

Light Color: White 

Voltage: 24V

Power (measured): 48 W (brightest)

Estimated lifespan: 2-4 years

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