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Comparing growing pea-shoots under room light and LED light

Pei Zhai

Purpose: to test if the LED light could enhance output


   Room: it has big north-facing window, small west-facing window and two sky-light windows

   LED light: TheSonWorks LED light is on for 7 days (10 hours each day)

Method: Two trays are compared, TrayA and TrayB. For the first 5 days, they both grow under room light (indoor natural light). For the next 7 days, TrayA is under LED light and TrayB is under room light. For details of other steps, refer to the general method to grow pea-shoots in my blog.


The results are obvious that TrayA has better output than TrayB. In TrayA, the pea shoots have darker color, bigger leaves, shorter stems and taste tender and juicier.

Left:TrayA; Right:TrayB

The roots of the peas in TrayA are stronger.

Left:TrayA; Right:TrayB

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